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"Recent progress in mode-division multiplexed passive optical networks with low modal crosstalk"
J. Li, F. Ren, T. Hu, Z. Li, Y. He, Z. Chen, Q. Mo, and G.F. Li
Optical Fiber Technology, 35, pp.28-36 Invited
"Space-division multiplexing: the next frontier in optical communication"
Guifang Li, Neng Bai, Ningbo Zhao, and Cen Xia
Advances in Optics and Photonics 6, pp. 413-487
"Single-shot phase-shifting digital holography"
J Zhang, Y Xie, GF Li, YT Ye, and BEA Saleh
Optical Engineering 53(11)
"Theoretical studies on the polarization-modulator-based single-side-band modulator used for generation of optical multicarrier"
JP Li, XB Zhang, ZH Li, XG Zhang, GF Li, and C Lu
Optics Express 22(12), pp. 14087-14095
"Multi-channel nonlinearity compensation of PDM-QPSK signals in dispersion-managed transmission using dispersion-folded digital backward propagation"
Cen Xia, Xiang Liu, S. Chandrasekhar, N. K. Fontaine, Likai Zhu, and G. Li
Optics Express 22, pp. 5859-5866
"A distributed fiber vibration sensor utilizing dispersion induced walk-off effect in a unidirectional Mach-Zehnder interferometer"
Qingming Chen, Chao Jin, Yuan Bao, Zhaohui Li, Jianping Li, Chao Lu, Liang Yang, and Guifang Li
Optics Express 22(3), pp. 2167-2173
"Equalizer tap length requirement for mode group delay-compensated fiber link with weakly random mode coupling"
N. Bai, G. Li
Optics Express 22(4), pp. 4247-4255
"Microwave Photonics: Current challenges towards widespread application"
Jose Capmany, Guifang Li, Christina Lim, and Jianping Yao
Optics Express 21(19), pp.22862-22867
"High-resolution optical spectrum characterization using optical channel estimation and spectrum stitching technique"
Chao Jin, Yuan Bao, Zhaohui Li, Tao Gui, Haiyan Shang, Xinhuan Feng, Jianping Li, Xingwen Yi, Changyuan Yu, Guifang Li, and Chao Lu
Optics Letters 38(13), pp.2314-2316
"Experimental demonstration of adaptive frequency-domain equalization for mode-division multiplexed transmission"
Neng Bai, Ezra Ip, Ming-jun Li, Ting Wang, Guifang Li
N. Bai, E. Ip, M. Li, T. Wang, and G. Li, "Experimental demonstration of adaptive frequency-domain equalization for mode-division multiplexed transmission," in Optical Fiber Communication Conference/National Fiber Optic Engineers Conference 2013, OSA Technical Digest (online) (Optical Society of America, 2013), paper OM2C.5.
"Nonlinearity mitigation for high-speed optical OFDM transmitters using digital pre-distortion"
Yuan Bao, Zhaohui Li, Jianping Li, Xinhuan Feng, Bai-ou Guan, and Guifang Li
Optics Express 21, pp. 7354-7361
"Hole-Assisted Few-Mode Multicore Fiber for High-Density Space-Division Multiplexing"
C. Xia, R. Amezcua-Correa, N. Bai, E. Antonio-Lopez, D. May Arrioja, A. Schülzgen, M. C. Richardson, J. Linares, C. Montero, E. Mateo, X. Zhou, and G. Li
IEEE Photonics Technology Letters 24(21), pp.1914-1917
"Adaptive frequency-domain equalization for the transmission of the fundamental mode in a few-mode fiber"
N. Bai, C. Xia, G. Li
Optics Express 20(21), pp. 24010-24017
"Think Outside the Fiber: Imaging Amplifier for Space-Multiplexed Optical Transmission"
I. Ozdur, H. Shu, M. Bass, and G. Li
IEEE Photonics Journal 4(5), pp.1316-1324
"Adaptive frequency domain equalization for mode-division multiplexed transmission (Invited)"
N. Bai, and G. Li
IEEE Photonics Technology Letters, Special Issue 24(21) pp. 1918-1921
"Mode-division multiplexed transmission with inline few-mode fiber amplifier"
N. Bai, E. Ip, Y. Huang, E. Mateo, F. Yaman, M. Li, S. Bickham, S. Ten, J. Liñares, C. Montero, V. Moreno, X. Prieto, V. Tse, K. M. Chung, A. Lau, H. Tam, C. Lu, Y. Luo, G. Peng, G. Li, and T. Wang
Optics Express 20, pp. 2668-2680
"Nonlinearity compensation using dispersion-folded digital backward propagation "
L. Zhu and G. Li
Optics Express 20, pp.14362-14370
"Optical fiber amplifiers for space-division multiplexing"
Dagong Jia, Haiwei Zhang, Zhe Ji, Neng Bai, Guifang Li
Frontiers of Optoelectronics Volume 5, Issue 4, pp 351-357(2012)
"Multimode fiber amplifier with tunable modal gain using a reconfigurable multimode pump (Invited)"
N. Bai, E. Ip, T. Wang, and G. Li
Optics Express 19(17), Focus Issue, pp. 16601-16611
"Supermodes for optical transmission (invited)"
C. Xia, N. Bai, I. Ozdur, X. Zhou, and G. Li
Optics Express 19(17), Focus Issue, pp. 16653-16664
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