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Professors Guifang Li and Peter Delfyett are issued patents

Professor Guifang Li is issued patent titled “Systems for Extending WDM Transmission into the O Band.” The patent was issued on August 6, 2013 with Patent No. US 8,503,881 B1.

Method, apparatus and systems for a wavelength division multiplexing system operating at 0-Band. The system includes a transmitter for wavelength division multiplexing digital 0-band optical channels into a multiplexed optical signal, amplifying and transmitting the multiplexed optical signal, a fiber transmission span using constant intensity modulation and semiconductor optical amplification, and a receiver for receiving and amplifying the transmitted multiplexed optical signal and restoring the individual digital 0-band optical signals. In an embodiment, the transmission span is a single mode fiber transmission span and in another embodiment includes an optical amplifier module coupled into the fiber transmission span. In another embodiment, the transmission span includes a length of 0-band dispersion compensating fiber to reduce four-wave mixing. In another embodiment the system uses wavelength division multiplexing in combination with polarization interleaving. In another embodiment, the wavelength division multiplexing system operates at both 0-Band and C-Band.

Peter Delfyett is issued patent titled “Optoelectronic Logic Gate.” The patent was issued on August 27, 2013 with Patent No. US 8,521,037 B2.

Systems and methods for implementing and using optoelectronic gates are disclosed. One such method includes superimposing an electrical data bit onto a first optical input to produce a pair of first-stage optical outputs. The first one of the pair of first-stage optical outputs carries the electrical data bit and the second carries the complement of the electrical data bit. The method further includes comparing an electrical target bit with the electrical data bit conveyed by the first first-stage optical outputs and with the complement of the electrical data bit conveyed by the second first-stage optical outputs, to determine whether the electrical target bit and the electrical data bit are same or different.

Posted Tuesday, September 10, 2013

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